4 Best Places To Retire

Early retirement is a dream for thousands of people. Sounds great but how to assess if the savings are sufficient to meet your needs? Well, there are exotic destinations with a low cost of living and decent health care standards. We suggest some of the best places to retire.

The living costs depend on your health status, lifestyle, and goals. Anyway, there are places in Caribbean region, Asia and Europe where you can live happily with less than $700 per month. This includes living expenses and recreation. Many of the best places to retire abroad do not require a retirement visa. Residency requirements and regulations vary by country. Rules may include some taxes.

Here are four reviews to help you find a retirement destination overseas that matches your incomes and lifestyle.

Dominican Republic -Wisse

Photo: Wisse

Dominican Republic is known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and great possibilities to have fun. This Caribbean country features exceptional beaut. The island offers plenty of options for adventure activities and laid-back luxury lifestyle. This destination has been recently advertised in the seventh edition of “Fast and furious” action movie as a place where anyone can feel safe and happy.

The flight from New York to Santo Domingo takes less than 4 hours. In Dominican Republic you can rent a house in one of the oldest Spanish colonial towns in Caribbean. In this exotic country you can live comfortably on $700-$800 a month, including utilities, dining, medications and basic healthcare. If you are a golf enthusiast, then you will have additional costs.

Thailand - Chi King

Photo: Chi King

Thailand is listed as one the best places to retire in Asia. This country is known for its tropical climate, fine sandy beaches and lush vegetation. In big cities like the capital Bangkok, people can enjoy numerous parks, great examples of Asian architecture and cuisine. Healthcare facilities and services are considered good and inexpensive. Except the capital city, the cost of living is low. $700 is the amount sufficient to live pleasantly in Thailand. This includes rent, food, and utilities. Recently, Thailand has become a home to more resident expats from Australia, U.S and Europe.

Portugal is known for its moderate climate, well-known natural gems, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and relaxed people. This description combined with the facts that the European country is considered a top golfing destination, makes Portugal a great option for retirees. There you can also enjoy art and cultural activities. The local healthcare system is considered one of the best in the region. The cost of living in is one of the lowest in Europe, and retired people can live comfortably for about $900 a month. If you are looking for retirement destination ideas, it is worth considering the Southern Portugal.

The big cities in Malaysia are top retirement destinations in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the long colonial history, most of the cities combine Victorian colonial architecture, parks with abundant tropical vegetation and modern lifestyle. Malaysia has become a growing medical tourism destination because of high standard of health care. There are modern condominium complexes with all the facilities. These housings are surrounded by natural beauty and offer many options for outdoor recreation. You can live there on just $800 a month. The biggest exception is the capital city Kuala Lumpur where housing prices are higher than in other cities. There are also special requirements for retirees. For permanent residency, one has to be at least 50 years old. People thinking about settling here must prove a minimal offshore income. They are also expected to have a deposit in a local bank.

Wherever you wish to retire we strongly recommend visiting the place in order to know you if living there is the right decision for you. You have to be sure is you are ready to experience new relationships, new culture and way of living.

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